The future of freelancing is based on skill, | Importance of a degree in freelancing, online earning. degree v/s skill

Skill is the future of freelancing, not a four-year-long college degree.

Freelancing is becoming extremely popular recently the countries like India, Malaysia, Pakistan, and China, people are preferring freelancing courtesy. Because there is a huge gap between industry and academia. Degree v/s skill – what is more important? The most demanding jobs in 2023 are not asking about the degree. Importance of degree in freelancing.

 The future of freelancing is skills, not a four-year-long college degree.

Importance of degree in freelancing
which is a more important degree or skill. Skill is the future of freelancing, not a four-year-long college degree. degree v/s skill

The future of freelancing is skills, not a four-year-long college degree. Online earning through freelancing is becoming extremely popular recently in countries like India, Malaysia, Pakistan, and China, people are preferring freelancing curtesy huge gaps between industry and academia.

The future of earning is skilled base.

Freelancers are self-employed. They find their projects, win them, deliver on the agreed schedule, and get paid.

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 Skill helps to achieve the target and not the degree.

Skill is just an abstract term that cannot be evaluated on a piece of paper.

Importance of a degree in freelancing

It is not the degree but the skill that achieves success. With a degree, you can just earn a job, but it cannot help to grow further without the skill.

Skill always inspires employers, clients, and management which lifts or drops the person. Without the skill, the person would not be able to catch hold of the interest of their superiors and attain success. The great people from history were all skilled people. But they didn’t have the certifications for their knowledge.

There are a lot of topics or niches in demand for freelancing. Most of the skill sets are new and have surfaced with the beginning of the internet. The skillset such as web designing, web development, and mobile app development. And many other administrative jobs are in high demand and continue to grow in the modern era.

Choosing a freelancer over a full-time employee is more beneficial. They do not have to pay their insurance fees, monthly salary, and other benefits a typical job requires.

If you want to blog as a career and want to know how to start blogging this article is a gift for you.

For skilled resources, freelancing has pure freedom. It demands excelling in a specific field, learning a skill and offering that skill on different freelance marketplaces, and making money. It means after getting a skill you should be able to sell your own skill.

The freelancing guru is Hisham Sarwar According to him to become a successful freelancer for computer-related jobs. You do not require a 4-year college degree. All you need to master is a skill set and the ability to communicate effectively to sell your services online

Hisham Sarwar

A college degree for a computer-related skill set does not teach you all new emerging and trending skills in demand by the industry. Most of the degrees do not support practical life. Most problems our four-year degree holder faces in practical life are:

  • lack of confidence
  • lack of communication skills.
  • English is not speaking and writing both common senses are not developed to handle critical situations.
  • unknown fear

Learning more about our education system should be skill-based.

To perfection and work on their communication skills to do effective business development.

learn the positive use of the internet because the Internet is full of education. Websites such as YouTube, Lynda, and Udemy offer comprehensive courses to learn emerging, trending skills online and pursue a career online.

Importance of degree in freelancing
Skill is the future of freelancing, not a four-year-long college degree. Importance of a degree in freelancing

Conclusion degree v/s skill: Importance of a degree in freelancing

In short, degree v/s skill, if you want to become a successful online freelancer. You really do not necessarily need a 4-year college degree. Learn a skill, and master it to perfection. Learn the art of communication and business development.

Improve your confidence and you are better destined to become successful.

The most demanding jobs in 2023 are only for skilled people.

According to my opinion Skill is more important than a degree. Because when we enter an organization. They never give up a job only on the degree. They will always observe communication skills and ways of working. A degree can only give u a platform to prove yourself. But skill would help to hold on to a given position. Let’s take the example of any successful person from the entire world. One of the best examples from this point of view is bill gates. If he does depend on the degree, he could not have reached nearer to his go.

The degree is the theoretical evaluation of an abstract concept that is virtually not possible. It is just a skill that helps the person to grow up both materially / financially and immaterially. With respect to status, importance, social respect, recognition, etc. A degree has its own importance, as a person needs to have some skills to achieve the degree. A completely dumb individual cannot qualify to attain the degree. Hence, we can summarize by saying that a degree is the first step on the ladder of skills that lead to success in life. Most demanding jobs in 2022 are only available for skilled people like Digital Marketing, Blogging, Freelancing, Seo, Google AdWords Etc. These are all the skills-based most demanding jobs in 2022 under the flag of freelancing in this modern era.

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