Freelancer’s scams How to get rid of freelance scamming?

How to escape from scamming in freelancing? Can you get scammed on freelancer?
Freelancer’s scams

Starting a career as a freelancer can be a positive life-changing move. But sometimes when you start out as a freelancer you take on jobs that might not be the best choice. On some occasions, that job that seemed too good to be true was because of Freelancer’s scams.

Most freelancers have been in that position and unfortunately, a lot of them have fallen or are victims of freelance’s scams. So, all freelancers in any industry need to be well prepared. How to get rid of freelance scamming?

In this article, we’ll look at a few of the most common freelance scam tactics that affect freelancers in all industries, from graphic and web designers, and freelance writing scams,
data entry.

Seo specialists, and content marketers. These frauds happen through freelance platforms and freelancer website scams.
Emails and social media. Knowing these red flags is a wonderful way to get started with risk management for your freelance business. freelancer website scams

Freelancer's scams, how to get rid of freelance scamming?
How to get rid of freelance scamming?

In recent corona pandemic years, there has been ever-growing interest in the freelance business, and it has rightly also led to more concern about freelance fraud.

Taking advantage of people searching for jobs or a side income, scammers pretend to be employers (or even “helpful” fellow freelancers) to trick freelancers into giving away their information and money.

So as an independent and beginner freelancer, how can you recognize freelancer frauds and protect yourself? This post will help you through some of the most common frauds along with tips as to how you can escape yourself.

Freelance scamming

It’s rare to come across fraud or fraud on all freelance platforms. Such as fiver, Upwork, guru, or social media a customer. But it’s important to understand the warning signs and red flags before they’re successful. Can be trusted?
By being proactive in your response to the following warning signs, you can avoid some of the most common freelancer fraud traps or attitudes.

Freelancer job scams, Fake project posting.

In freelance marketplaces finding a project and bidding for a client’s work is a thrilling process. But sometimes a swindling client or scammer will post a project, causing trouble for clients on the platform.

However, sometimes it is possible a project will slip through the cracks.

But as a freelancer, it is most important that you can spot the red flags and early warning signs of these types of projects and know the proper methods of reporting projects and clients that you think are spam.

Freelancer’s scams. How to get rid of freelance scamming?

The key point is that before bidding goes to the client’s profile search past comments or reviews and make sure that person is not fake. then go through the process of bidding.

As the freelancing wave all over the world gains popularity day by day and builds momentum, it is facing some awkward challenges as well. These challenges were always on the card, on all freelance marketplaces as well as on all social media platforms.

The project award ratio on the world’s largest marketplace Upwork is far better than any other marketplace. All other freelance marketplaces are unfortunately becoming a growing victim of buyer fraud by posting fake projects.


I remember one of my Nigerian clients met on fiver was insisting that his card is blocked by his bank due to some reasons and urgently he needs a plugin that costs around a thousand dollars.
The project price was just a hundred dollars and would pay milestone through his friend’s account when he was connected to his friend because he is offline.
He was insisted i should purchase his plugin from my card without any granted or placing an order on fiver, the discussion was gone on many days in the same circumstances till then I don’t block him on fiver.

Scam #2

2: If freelancer is asking to make a payment before any work has been completedScammers may ask for the full upfront payment and then never deliver on their end of the project. To be safe, create Milestone or any way of Payments which you can release progressively as work is completed.

Freelancer’s scams. How to get rid of freelance scamming?

Freelance Scamming, Criminals Want Money, Not Words.

Every scammer has its own new strategies. But here are more chances as a beginner you can be more targeted as compared to a senior freelancer because as a newbie you are more motivated to get an order.

And mostly scammers check your profile before targeting you, whether you are a new one or not. Just keep it in mind, that all freelance marketplaces are full of distinct kinds of scammers. It’s your strategy for how to escape yourself from these types of scammers. And criminals want money, not words,

This is my personal learning.

Mostly the website does not take any payment information from the client when they are posting the project which means anybody can post anything on these sites and freelancer. com is experiencing this issue far more than other websites.

There is no way to check the client’s authenticity after posting a project. Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are the three platforms most famous for Freelancer’s scams because they are the largest in the industry. Thankfully with a little investigative work, any freelancer can make sure that the job they are being offered is legit and worth pursuing. It’s all about being able to read the red flags.

One more example of a person scam that I face.

Freelancer scammed me.

Freelancer's scams. How to get rid of freelance scamming?
Example of Freelance Scamming.
After getting this email I contacted my cousin ling in the USA and realized that it’s also a type of scam.

How to escape from getting scammed when looking for work on online platforms?

A simple and effortless way to find and understand scamming in freelancing is just going on google search according to your niche freelance scamming, go to the images and you can find a lot of data there start reading and understanding methods of scammers and ways to escape or how to get rid of scamming as a beginner.

If you want to start your freelance business as a beginner this article is especially for you.

After identifying a fake project on Guru .com. That does not meet community standards. Not only is it removed from the website, but the bid spent on the project is also reversed. So, there is no loss to the freelancer.

MUST be Aware of the customer support of the site you are working with, to be secure from Freelancer’s scams.

Freelancer's scams. How to get rid of freelance scamming?
You must be aware of the warning signs of scamming in different marketplaces.

Freelancer support number,Freelancer’s scams

With and Fivers customer support. It’s quick and quite easy to identify a fake project as they manually check all PMB conversations. When the project is flagged after some time a fake employer starts sending messages to freelancers on PMB.

However, the time spent identifying a project and placing a bid by a freelancer is lost, unfortunately.

On the other hand, all freelance platforms have a new wave of buyer and seller fraud. When a project is posted on a message board (PMB). Freelancers are asked to buy software that could track their project activity before a project is awarded.

Unfortunately, many innocent beginner freelancers get trapped in different scams and end up paying the client directly. The price is usually between $50 to $200. Unlike Guru where the bid is reversed. When a fake client is identified, sadly — on There is no way of accommodating the freelancer for the money scam.

As a freelancer, it is an effective way to protect yourself from being ripped and scammed off from your hard-earned money or loss of time to ensure that the client’s previous history is verified before bidding on the project.

After observing a project, here are a few important things you must look for before deciding to bid. Sadly, the aftermath and the repercussion of wasting your time never hits home.

  • Always check the Client’s previous project posting history.
  • Must check the Client’s verification.
  • Must check the Client’s feedback.
    • Best of Luck freelancers,
    • always play safe,
    • always play smart,
  • Do not fall prey to the growing fraud on different freelancer marketplaces.

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