5 Amazing Affiliate sites that pay recurring money

5 Amazing Affiliate Sites that Pay Recurring Money | Digital Products | Instant Approval

For those who find it hard to learn skills as a freelancer, I’m going to tell you 5 amazing ways of making money best affiliate programme without literally doing nothing and I assure you that it’s not a scam and something that’ll not work in the long run. Amazing Affiliate site. Freelance business in 2024

You probably heard about the word Affiliate Marketing and that Amazon and Click Bank are the largest affiliate companies that pay out huge commissions to their affiliate marketers. This article will discuss 5 Affiliate websites and their amazing affiliate commissions including recurring commissions. Best Freelance Websites for Beginners.

By recurring commission, we mean that if you can hook up a client if you can refer a client to the websites, and if the client continues to pay monthly fees to renew their services you are getting paid a certain percentage as a recurring fee.

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Amazing Affiliate site
Amazing Affiliate site


Fatcow.com is a hosting provider website with an amazing affiliate (100$) and recurring fees (25$-120$). The silver lining is that not only do they have many seasonal discount options. This can help you attract clients but as well they have great customer service. And instant chat support along with great ticket service where they would respond within 24 hours of initiating a ticket.

So, by convincing clients of 365 days of hosting service. Because we are the full-stop solution for their hosting needs clients would naturally renew the payment after the first-year term ends and that’ll get you the recurring fees.

Amazing Affiliate site
Amazing Affiliate site


The second amazing Affiliate product that gives you a recurring commission is tubebuddy.com. This website offers a 50% recurring affiliate marketing commission.

For all those struggling YouTubers who find it hard to rank on YouTube Tube Buddy offers amazing tools and services. That helps you rank your content on YouTube. Since the content gets ranked on YouTube, the YouTuber pays recurring fees to renew the services, and you as a referrer keep on making a continuous regular income.

Amazing Affiliate site
Amazing Affiliate site

Get response AFFILIATE PROGRAM: Amazing Affiliate site

Get Response offers two types of Affiliate commissions one is a 33% recurring commission. And the other is a flat 100$ per client that you refer to getreponse.com. A lot of people are looking for email marketing services and get responses .com is one of these businesses’ needs.

Amazing Affiliate site
Amazing Affiliate site


This website offers a 30% recurring commission. And what it’s about is email marketing all you need to do is refer a client to this website. Once they like their service, they keep on renewing it and you keep on getting paid. Email campaigns are something everybody would be needing in the long run. When you’ve got a good customer list and you want to update your customers with the updates of your product and service. With new offers, you have to send an email, but for you to send an email you need a third-party solution and that’s where get a response and the active campaign comes in very handy.

Amazing Affiliate site
Amazing Affiliate site


The last site we’ll be discussing is SEM Rush. Websites are struggling to get ranked on Google. SEM Rush is a paid service that helps you analyze your competitors and identify website problems. Such a slow speed gives you amazing suggestions for implementing. With those suggestions, you can get your website ranking and get ranked better on Google, and other search engines. Now with SEM Rush if you sign up as an affiliate marketer (Instant approval Guaranteed). If you prefer a struggling client who is finding it hard to rank their website on Google for their business-related Keywords. Once they like what they see they will keep renewing their services. And you will continue to get paid for their renewal services. SEM rush gives you 40% recurring fees. That’s amazing money because for every renewal you’re getting 40% in your pocket.

So, this my friends is another excellent way of getting recurring commissions. Alongside the email campaign services such as getting responses and active campaigns.

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